Knoll reveals details of new album "Metempiric"

Posted by AP on 18/04/22

Memphis, TN-resident grindcore mob Knoll have revealed June 24th to be the official release date for their new album “Metempiric”. The effort will be released independently and comprises the following songs:

01. “Clepsydra”

02. “Felled Plume”

03. “Throe of Upheaval”

04. “Burgeoning Pillars”

05. “Dislimned”

06. “Gild of Blotted Lucre”

07. “Tether and Swine”

08. “Of Troth to Atom”

09. “Marred Alb”

10. “Flux of Knowing”

11. “The Dwelt Withe”

12. “Whelm”

13. “Tome”

Pre-orders for all formats of the record have been launched via this link, which will also reveal the artwork, while the official music video for the lead single “Felled Plume” is available for watching below.

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