Xenobiotic provides details of new EP "Hate Monolith"

Posted by AP on 05/08/22

Perth, Australia’s technical death metal horde Xenobiotic will release a new EP titled “Hate Monolith” through Unique Leader on September 02nd. It comprises these songs:

01. “Autophagia”

02. “The Wretched Strive”

03. “Nether”

04. “Pathos”

05. “Sever the Ties”

06. “Insomnia” (live)

07. “Light that Burns the Sky” (live)

08. “Grieving the Loss of Self” (live)

09. “Inverted” (live)

10. “Saphris” (live)

You can check out the artwork and pre-order the record on a format of your choosing here, and then listen to the first single “Autophagia” from it below.

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