Pete Wentz on the FOB leak

Posted by DY on 30/01/07

Want to know what Pete Wentz (bassist of Fall Out Boy if you live under a rock) thinks about the leak of his bands latest album "Infinity On High"? Check out an exerpt from a recent interview below:

Fall Out Boy have described their recent album leak onto the internet as 'devastating', and have targeted a disgruntled worker at the pressing plant manufacturing their new album as the source of the leak.

"Infinity On High" was leaked prematurely onto file sharing sites some four weeks ahead of its release date in February, and bassist Pete Wentz says the band's label suspect a low-level worker at the CD duplicating plant.

"Our job is to put out records and tour and make music. What are we gonna do? Sit at the plant and watch everybody?," says Wentz. "Some guy working minimum wage, why would he care how it affects us? It's a multi-pronged thing."

"This could be the worst leak in the history in music," he adds. "If you think that every year computers, iPod, internet music grows exponentially and we're probably one of the biggest bands in rock music on the internet."

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