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Posted by PP on 07/04/07

Dear Reader,

The last year has been amazing in terms of growth for We are currently the fastest growing music magazine in Denmark (7x growth since last year at this time), which is absolutely amazing, and I can't thank you enough as the owner of the site.

You may notice the addition of advertisements on the top of the site, and also below the right hand column. I wish we never had to include advertisements, but our hosting fees have skyrocketed with the growth, and it's becoming hard for us to afford keeping the site running without them. Our future depends on this small revenue we get from these advertisements, and 100% of it will go back into the site. Any possible profit that we may get on top of the hosting-fees will be used for buying better recorders, getting more gigs covered and things like that.

To quote Good Clean Fun: "Choosing selling out over dying out it's a cross we'll have to bear".

So please bear with the ads, block them if you want to, or unblock them if you want to contribute to the growth of our magazine! In any case, I can't stress enough how great it is for us to have you guys regularly visiting - you are the reason we exist! Cheers!

Petteri Pertola,

Editor In Chief

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