Wanna play Uxfest?

Posted by PP on 23/04/07

Uxfest will take place for the 10th time this year in the first weekend of September in Islington Academy, London, UK. All proceedings from the festival will go to charity, and it is entirely ran by volunteers throughout the weekend - this including bands. The festival is currently open for demo/record submissions for bands that wish to play at the festival (remember, you are playing for free). Here's the information:

Your demo needs to be:


*CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and BAND NAME *YOU do NOT have to send a BIOGRAPHY or PHOTOS *We do not accept mp3's Send the cd to:

Talita Uxfest c/o Totalrock 1-6 Denmark Place London WC2H 8NL

Add: http://www.myspace.com/uxfest

Check out: http://www.uxfest.org

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