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Posted by PP on 10/08/07

Renowned Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and his band Sixx:AM have posted the second podcast explaining the writing and recording process for their new book "The Heroin Diaries", which is supplemented by a soundtrack called "Soundtrack To The Heroin Diaries" over at this location.

The album will be in stores on August 21st. Look out for a review shortly.

In related news, Nikki Sixx recently sat down with for the launch of the site’s new column Shout It Out Loud to discuss his challenge to the music and entertainment industries and depicts how they both habitually turn a blind eye when they become overbearing. In the Spinner article, Nikki questions why in any other profession your business associates will call attention to your short-comings and downfalls, but in the music industry everyone just enables your addictions. With six years of sobriety, Nikki is about to release his soundtrack and book for The Heroin Diaries on August 21st and September 18th respectively. Nikki has illustrated past reflections of his life in the soundtrack and the book, and is hoping to be a support pillar for the musicians of tomorrow with his knowledge of the music industry and substance abuse.

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