AC/DC to Denmark this summer? *rumour*

Posted by PP on 20/02/08

There are lots of rumors circling around the web about a possible AC/DC European tour for this summer. A confirmed rumour is that the band is open for booking at the moment in Europe, but it's going to be expensive.

Other sources have raised the possibility of the band playing a Danish show somewhere in Jylland during the summer. Speculations around the web are vibrant, and if we are to believe the rumours, an undisclosed booking agent has apparently offered over 20 million Danish crowns to get the band to play Denmark, and that this insane amount of money hasn't been enough to book the band.

Just to fuel the speculation a bit more, it was recently announced that Roskilde Festival is planning to spend DKK 20m extra on booking bands this year because of the bad weather last year.

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