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Posted by JM on 30/03/08

Our newest addition to the site will see links on our reviews to buy the records on the iTunes Store. This means an easy way to buy songs and records after reading our reviews. iTunes has an increasing tendency of selling DRM-FREE music and we have therefore decided it now presents a very good option to buy music from.

We will present a BUY link on all the reviews it is available on. All you need to do is click the link to buy the album or buy individual songs from the album. (iTunes required)

We continue to encourage people to buy an album (or specific songs) if you like the music.

This new feature will not only help the bands that produce the music, but also and you, our readers. The songs are very cheaply priced making it a bargain for you, our readers, and buying through our links gives commission, which in turn allows us to further expand our ideas to give more back to you, our readers.

We are in the process of going through our old reviews to add this new feature, but currently only the reviews from 2008 will include this new feature.

Happy Listening,

Joshua Meyer

Public Relations Manager

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