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Posted by PP on 10/07/08

Circa Survive has released another "On Letting Go" b-side called "The Most Dangerous Commercials". It can be downloaded against a donation between a dollar and a hundred dollars, and all proceeds will be used to save an independent record store that's about to go bankrupt.

Here's the band's statement:

"Hey everyone,

This is extremely important so I will get straight to the point. Our favorite record store has been shut down and needs our help so they can move and open a new store. Siren Records has not only been a huge supporter of indie music for more than 20 years now but served as a safe and positive environment for the youth of our community to go and learn about all types of art, films, music and literature. To be completely honest, the store was a big part of what attracted us to live in Doylestown, PA to begin with.

With that said, "The Most Dangerous Commercials" is another B-side from On Letting Go. Please download it for a donation and help us save one of many independent stores that are in danger of being extinct. If you cant afford it tell someone who can. If you can afford more then the minimum, then we strongly encourage you to do so."

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