The Wonder Years need your help

Posted by PP on 19/07/08

The Wonder Years, one of this magazine's favorite punk rock bands, urgently need your help. Read their message below:

"I think everyone knows that right now DIY touring is the hardest it's ever been. No one buys CDs. Gas prices are at an all time high. Kids are more jaded than ever. On top of this however, we've recently been royally fucked by our van and trailer. Over the past week, we've had to pour over $1200 into fixing the brakes, oxygen sensor and repairing

the trailer. However, we're not babies and we're manning up, going into credit card debt and finishing this tour and the one after it. We could absolutely use your help with this though. We put all of our merch up on our myspace for sale. If you're cool enough to buy something, we'll ship it to you the minute we're able to stop off at a post office. Nowadays, everyone's talking about how DIY touring is

coming to an end. If you still want to see bands like us play in your area, you've got to do something to help. Pick up a shirt. We'll be unbelievably grateful." - Soupy/The Wonder Years

You can find their Myspace page here.

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