Week In Retrospect - Sunday 21. December

Posted by PP on 22/12/08

As Christmas is coming closer and closer, our rate of album reviews per day is becoming faster and faster as we too have to meet the deadlines of 2008. In the process we've got pretty much everything reviewed this week from street punk and pop punk to mainstream rock, indie rock, metalcore and extreme metal. Remember to check out the Less Than Jake interview as it's one of the more interesting ones we have on the site...as for the news of the week, venture to our news archive to find out more.

Album of the week:

Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom


Less Than Jake

Gig Reviews:

Less Than Jake @ Lille Vega, Copenhagen

Trusted Few @ The Rock, Copenhagen

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

The Friday Night Boys - That's What She Said EP [6½]

Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom [8]

Tankard - Thirst [8]

Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence [6½]

Burn Down Rome - Devotion [6]

Saints Never Surrender - Brutus [6½]

Thursday / Envy - Split [8]

Linkin Park - Songs From The Underground EP [7]

Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux [8]

Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle - Voodoo Circle [4]

The Very End - Vs. Life [7]

Valencia - We All Need A Reason To Believe [7½]

October Tide - Rain Without End [7½]

Nightshade - The Beginning Of Eradication [7]

Mendeed - Positive Metal Attitude [6½]

Sharp Practice - Radiocity [6]

North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty [6]

TV On The Radio - Dear Science [7]

Onsetcold - Rock n' Roll High Society [6]

Behemoth - Ezkaton [6]

Stuck Mojo - The Great Revival [4½]

Art Arena - Small Town Home Syndrome EP [7]

This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm [5]

Obscure - On Formaldehyde [6]

Evergrey - Torn [5]

Paganizer - Carnage Junkie [6]

Another Life - Memories From Nothing [4]

The Puritan - Lithium Gates [7]

Suburban Legends - Let's Be Friends...And Slay The Dragon Together [7]

Sing It Loud - Come Around [5]

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