Week In Retrospect - Sunday 11. January

Posted by PP on 12/01/09

So finally our article covering 2008 was posted online, and damn it took a long time to write. It'll probably take you a few weeks to read, but I've read through it and if you're at all into different types of music, you should definitely check it out in its entirety. You can find the link below. Lots of interesting news this week as well, check out our news archive.

Album of the week:

Cactus's - Tropical Terror EP


2008 in Music



Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Exilia - My Own Army [6]

All Against The World - The Furthermost [6]

Cactus's - Tropical Terror EP [8]

Parkwright - Parkwright EP [6½]

Bioscrape - AlienHate EP [4]

Die Toten Hosen - In Aller Stille [8]

Before Their Eyes - The Dawn Of My Death [6]

Thought Police Brutality - The Final Battle For Total Control [7]

HouseMaster - J.B. [5]

Doro - Fear No Evil [4½]

Adamo Drive - Spirit Of The Donkey Engine [3]

These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower & Dove [5]

Reel big Fish - Fame, Fortune And Fornication [7]

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