Week In Retrospect - Sunday 12. April

Posted by TL on 13/04/09

The easter holidays seem to have put a bit of a dampener on our efforts compared to last week. Rest assured that boatloads of new content will resume its steady stream onto the site soon enough though, as we visit Groezrock Festival in Belgium over the coming weekend, bringing back coverage for you guys. As always, remember to check our archive, just in case you missed something important this week.

Album of the week:

Hatesphere - To The Nines

Gig reviews:

Gojira @ London

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

War From A Harlots Mouth - In Shoals [5½]

Living With Lions - Dude Manor EP [6½]

The Bigger Lights - Fiction Fever EP [3]

Hatesphere - To The Nines [8½]

Alerion - Turn Of Fate [3]

Cage9 - Survival Plan [7½]

Ace Enders & A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground [7]

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations [7]

The Riverboat Gamblers - Underneath The Owl [6]

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Worse Than Alone [8]

Pulley - Time-Insensitive Material [8]

Nahemah - A New Constellation [8]

Strung Out - Prototypes & Painkillers [7]

Antigama - Warning [5]

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