CONTEST: Design a t-shirt!

Posted by PP on 04/06/09

I know that within our readers we have a whole bunch of extremely creative and gifted photoshoppers out there, so I thought it'd be interesting to see what our community has to offer. So, here's the deal. You need to design a t-shirt which has a logo on the front and something on the back.


* MAX THREE (3) COLOURS (actual shirt colour being one of the 3)

* COLOUR OF SHIRT: Up to you, but _NOT_ GREEN

* FRONT LOGO: must be big enough to be visible from a reasonable distance. Must also contain somewhere (please not Rock Freaks, not Rock freaks, it is

* BACK: Must have clearly visible somewhere so people behind us at shows can see it

* SLOGANS: You can be creative (to an extent), but our usual slogans are: "Music from a fan's point of view", "Mainstream's sooo last year..." and "Your daily dose of rock news, reviews and more"

SUBMISSION: Send a picture of front and back design to

DEADLINE: Thursday June 11th @ 23:59


How about for the sheer awesomeness of being able to see your shirts in concerts & festivals around Europe and elsewhere? No? Well, we'll also throw in two t-shirts for the winning design.

Plus, regular readers will also be able to purchase a shirt when they are done. Non-profit of course, we aren't looking to make money with these.

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