Roskilde Festival announcement - Camp

Posted by PP on 23/06/09

We'd love to meet YOU GUYS, our readers (and bands, especially) during Roskilde Festival. Our camp is going to be one huge party because we're going to be around 25-30 people in total, so I encourage all of you to drop by and have a beer or five. Don't know anybody? Don't you worry about that, just ask for PP, TL, or AP, and we'll take care of you.

If you are coming alone to the festival, or are a small group of friends (3 or 4 etc) and are looking for somewhere to camp, you should know that you are most welcome to join Camp The more people the merrier, as you know.

We'll be camping at L90 or L93 (or that general area in camping area East), look for a Finnish flag and a white double-pavilion.

If you'd like camp with us or get some sort of phone number for the meet up, you can also contact me at and you'll get the details.

See you there!

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