Silverstein European dates

Posted by xre on 27/07/05

Silverstein will be doing a headlining run across Germany and The Netherlands in October, followed by their slot on the Victory Records tour, featuring Hawthorne Heights, Bayside and Spitalfield.

October 6th - Hamburg, Germany @ LOGO

October 7th - Berlin, Germany @ MAGNET

October 8th - Leipzig, Germany @ BPM

October 9th - Cologne, Germany @ UNDERGROUND

October 10th - Frankfurt, Germany @ 025

October 11th - Amsterdam, Holland @ MELKWEG

October 12th - Rotterdam, Holland @ WATERFRONT

October 13th - Tilbourg, Holland @ BATCAVE

Victory Records UK tour:

October 15th - Newport, United Kingdom @ TJ¹S NIGHTCLUB

October 16th - Manchester, United Kingdom @ ACADEMY 3

October 17th - Glasgow, United Kingdom @ KING TUTS

October 18th - Leeds, United Kingdom @ COCKPIT

October 19th - Birmingham, United Kingdom @ ACADEMY 2

October 20th - Portsmouth, United Kingdom @ WEDGEWOOD ROOMS

October 21st - Oxford, United Kingdom @ ZODIAC

October 22nd - London, United Kingdom @ MEAN FIDDLER

In related news, Silverstein has a brand new website up for their next full length album "Discovering The Waterfront", out on August 16th.

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