Week In Retrospect - Tuesday 9. March

Posted by DR on 09/03/10

We've been fairly busy this past week, providing 21 Album Reviews and 3 Gig Reviews for you. In terms of scores given, it hasn't been one of the better weeks, as the albums of the week only received a score of 8. There are many, many 7s so it hasn't exactly been that terrible, either. Don't forget to catch up on this weeks' news archive; and be sure to join our facebook page.

Gig Reviews:

Motjiva @ Copenhagen

Lamb Of God @ Copenhagen

A Loss For Words @ Southampton

Albums of the week:

Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void

Silence Of September - Sleep Of Reason

Album Reviews: (in order of date added)

Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void [8]

Silence Of September - Sleep Of Reason [8]

A Road To Damascus - So Damn Close EP [7]

Nakatomi Plaza - Ghosts [6]

The Kris Norris Projekt - Icons Of The Illogical [5]

Grayson Venters - Give Me Your Skin EP [7]

Voices Of Destiny - From The Ashes [7]

The Hextalls - Get Smashed [7½]

Brutal Truth - Evolution In One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Vol 2 [7]

Nation Despair - Ruins [7]

Oniontree - Solitude EP [6½]

The Cold Beat / Movers & Shakers - Split 7 [7]

Kashmir - Trespassers [7]

Kyoto Drive - This Is All We Ever Wanted [5½]

Renae - And Hell Follows [7½]

Die Among Heroes - Die Among Heroes [4]

Sankt Otten - Morgen Wieder Lustig [7]

Nechochwen - Azimuths to the Otherworld [7½]

Blood of the Black Owl - A Banishing Ritual [7½]

Celestiial - Where Life Springs Eternal [7]

Battalion - Underdogs [7]

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