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Happy New Year! 31/12/2007 PP
Metaltown confirms bands, look out for some of these @ Roskilde 28/12/2007 PP
Yesterday's review summary 26/12/2007 PP
Merry Xmas 25/12/2007 PP
Tenacious D and Sum 41 get in the Christmas spirit 25/12/2007 DY
Review summary of today 24/12/2007 PP
They have too much $$$, download their albums 23/12/2007 PP
Tooth & Nail signing 23/12/2007 DY
Free Jon Found Jesus EP 23/12/2007 PP
SYG lose guitarist 23/12/2007 DY
Danish Dynamite tour 22/12/2007 PP
Scream, Aim, Fire songs streaming RIGHT HERE! 22/12/2007 PP
PTW headline shows 21/12/2007 DY
Graspop confirms bands 21/12/2007 PP
Win an XBOX from Enter Shikari 21/12/2007 PP
This band must be checked out because of its name 21/12/2007 PP
Turbonegro European dates 21/12/2007 PP
Across Five Februarys (these titles never get old) 21/12/2007 PP
Dance Gavin Dance finds new vocalist 21/12/2007 PP
Hit The Lights posts new song with new vocalist 21/12/2007 PP
Black Comedy signed 21/12/2007 PP
Death Cab in May 21/12/2007 PP
The Used to work on new material 21/12/2007 DY
More Circa/Chiodos/RX Bandits teamwork 20/12/2007 PP
Metalcamp confirms new names 20/12/2007 PP
Led Zeppelin to do European Festivals? 20/12/2007 PP
Still Remains to support Bullet 20/12/2007 PP
One of the albums of the year.. 20/12/2007 PP
Volbeat to record 20/12/2007 PP
Mega-update today! 19/12/2007 PP
Drive-Thru goes Xmas 19/12/2007 PP
Scream, Aim Fire 19/12/2007 PP
Aiden mainland dates 19/12/2007 PP
Our Last Night to release a new record 19/12/2007 PP
Explosions in Denmark 19/12/2007 PP
My American Heart to DENMARK!! 19/12/2007 PP
Coheed & Cambria postpone 19/12/2007 PP
SOIA for Groezrock 19/12/2007 PP
MSI to UK 19/12/2007 PP
Craig leaves Blessthefall 19/12/2007 PP
Rancid starts recording 19/12/2007 PP
These guys are still around? 19/12/2007 PP
NUFAN to tour UK 19/12/2007 PP
DH adds new support 19/12/2007 PP
Soulfly completes recording 19/12/2007 PP
New Genghis Tron track online 19/12/2007 PP
1Blood to record 19/12/2007 PP
Mouth of the Architect posts new demo 19/12/2007 PP
Simple Plan take over Camden 19/12/2007 DY
AVA dates 18/12/2007 DY


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