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HORSE to studio 31/12/2008 PP
Week In Retrospect - Sunday 28. December 29/12/2008 PP
Absolute albums of 2008 29/12/2008 TL
Europe's Sworn Enemy 25/12/2008 AP
Escape the UK 25/12/2008 AP
Merry Xmas everyone! 24/12/2008 PP
WOA tickets fast selling out 23/12/2008 EW
Look what we are working on.... 23/12/2008 PP
Dropkicks to Hultsfred 22/12/2008 AP
Sonic Syndicate to Denmark 22/12/2008 AP
Week In Retrospect - Sunday 21. December 22/12/2008 PP
Papa Roach posts new song 21/12/2008 PP
Rock am Ring / im Park reveal first names 21/12/2008 AP
Dragonforce to W:O:A 19/12/2008 AP
Metal Town reveals first acts 19/12/2008 AP
Ill Nino to Denmark 19/12/2008 AP
A Fiery Website 19/12/2008 TL
No Line on March 2nd 19/12/2008 TL
Strike in August 18/12/2008 PP
Testament to DK as well 18/12/2008 PP
Eagles Of Death Metal to DENMARK 18/12/2008 PP
Deadline - lots of album reviews on the way 18/12/2008 PP
Headbanging your brains out 18/12/2008 AP
Taking Back Groezrock 18/12/2008 AP
The Wonder Christmas 18/12/2008 TL
Panic writing during the holidays 18/12/2008 TL
Next Oasis album already written 18/12/2008 TL
I wonder if they thought of this when they were high 17/12/2008 PP
Incubus greatest hits 17/12/2008 PP
Remember kids, this is what chivalry gets you.. 17/12/2008 TL
Did you know.. 17/12/2008 TL
Words from the Rose's mouth 16/12/2008 TL
BTBAM writing new material 16/12/2008 AP
Lot of people are gonna love this.... 15/12/2008 PP
RX Bandits writing 15/12/2008 PP
Week In Retrospect - Sunday 14 December 15/12/2008 PP
United Nations at Groezrock 14/12/2008 AP
Job For A Guitarist 13/12/2008 AP
Burning Skies replaced by Pretty Maids 13/12/2008 TL
FOB streaming 12/12/2008 PP
AC/DC will play at Parken 12/12/2008 AP
With Full Force: first announcements 12/12/2008 AP
Morrissey to Denmark in April 12/12/2008 TL
BEDlight for breakUPS 12/12/2008 TL
Emery sings for the holidays 12/12/2008 TL
And You Will Know Us By our gig in Vega 12/12/2008 TL
YouMeAtSix European dates 11/12/2008 PP
Thursday posts new song 11/12/2008 PP
... Hahhahahahahhahaha 11/12/2008 TL
Illness For My Valentine 10/12/2008 TL


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