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What IS Love, NeverShoutNever? 29/12/2009 DR
More Foxy music 29/12/2009 TL
Avenged Sevenfold drummer found dead at home 29/12/2009 BL
Week In Retrospect - Sunday 27. December 28/12/2009 TL
Akissforjersey return to activity 28/12/2009 TL
Download new AVA single 28/12/2009 TL
Acapella Shazam 28/12/2009 TL
New You Me At Six video 27/12/2009 DR
FHF confirms more bands 27/12/2009 AP
New La Dispute music 27/12/2009 DR
Fat Mike makes fun of people in Christian screamo bands @Warped 27/12/2009 PP
New BBiP songs available 26/12/2009 AP
Just a quick poll 25/12/2009 PP
Sister beats them all! 24/12/2009 GR
Goes all in with Mxpx and beats Dustin & Charlie 100-0 24/12/2009 PP
I'll see your Charlie Simpson, and raise you Dustin Kensrue! 24/12/2009 DR
We Are The Ocean's favourite albums of 2009 24/12/2009 DR
Merry fuckin' Christmas Rockfreaks! 24/12/2009 TL
Secret And Warrior 24/12/2009 TL
"Whisperer" video 24/12/2009 TL
Of Mice & Men another new song 24/12/2009 BL
Converge to Øya 24/12/2009 AP
With Full Force announces more bands 24/12/2009 PP
Sleeping With Sirens new album in 2010 23/12/2009 BL
Of Mice & Men date their debut 23/12/2009 BL
Roskilde focus on "rock", says Rikke Øksner 23/12/2009 PP
Deftones album to be finally released 23/12/2009 PP
If I fail this semester, I blame Virgin Heart Society 23/12/2009 TL
Anthony Green and Mindy White download 23/12/2009 TL
TREOS reunion! Temporary though? 23/12/2009 TL
Bloody headliners 22/12/2009 GR
The Haunted to Denmark 22/12/2009 PP
God Of War EP featuring exclusive tracks from Roadrunner artists 22/12/2009 BL
Shai Hulud European tour 22/12/2009 PP
We Came As Videos 22/12/2009 TL
Fear Factory to Denmark 22/12/2009 TL
Week In Retrospect - Sunday 20. December 21/12/2009 TL
BR to enter studio in the spring 21/12/2009 PP
Shameless promotion of friends 21/12/2009 PP
Facebook page 21/12/2009 PP
Rock Shock Festival - new festival in Denmark 21/12/2009 PP
And the winner is...... 20/12/2009 PP
More Wacken headliners 20/12/2009 PP
An early Christmas gift from La Dispute 20/12/2009 DR
Biffy Clyro schedules other Danish show 20/12/2009 TL
Only a couple of hours left.... 19/12/2009 PP
Biffy Clyro cancels tonight's show in Copenhagen 19/12/2009 TL
Stream City Stream 19/12/2009 TL
More Groezrock bands confirmed 19/12/2009 PP
Four Year Song signed, release date set 19/12/2009 PP


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