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Half Moon Run to Denmark in February 16/09/2019 AP
Refused posts music video for latest single "Rev 001" 15/09/2019 AP
RAM premieres "Spirit Reaper" music video 14/09/2019 AP
Watch D-A-D's new music video for "A Prayer for the Loud" 14/09/2019 AP
The 69 Eyes premiere "Two Horns Up" music video 14/09/2019 AP
Lacuna Coil unveils music video for new song "Reckless" 14/09/2019 AP
Deez Nuts debut new single: "Singalong" 14/09/2019 AP
Will Haven premieres "Winds of Change" music video 14/09/2019 AP
Nothing More reveals music video for "Fade In / Fade Out" 14/09/2019 AP
As I Lay Dying premieres new video single: "Blinded" 13/09/2019 AP
Grayscale premiere music video for "YOUNG" 13/09/2019 LL
Weezer announce new album and share "The End of the Game" 13/09/2019 LL
Big Mess share new single "Special Someone" 13/09/2019 LL
Bombus unveils new video single: "Mama" 13/09/2019 AP
Insomnium premieres "Heart Like a Grave" music video 13/09/2019 AP
Implore debuts new track: "All Is Not Lost Is Long Forgotten" 13/09/2019 AP
Refused unleash new single: "Rev 001" 13/09/2019 AP
Listen to new track from Wolves Like Us: "Stay Cold" 13/09/2019 AP
Another new Ghost single "Mary on a Cross" available for streaming 13/09/2019 AP
The Number Twelve Looks Like You drops new song: "Gallery of Thrills" 13/09/2019 AP
Alter Bridge premieres music video for new song "In the Deep" 13/09/2019 AP
The Devil Wears Prada debuts new single: "Please Say No" 13/09/2019 AP
Agnostic Front to release "Get Loud!" in November 13/09/2019 AP
New Veil Of Maya track "Members Only" available for streaming 13/09/2019 AP
Watch Papa Roach's new music video for "Come Around" 13/09/2019 AP
All That Remains post music video for "Just Tell Me Something" 13/09/2019 AP
Nailed To Obscurity premieres "The Aberrant Host" music video 12/09/2019 AP
Ghost unveils new video single: "Chapter 8: Kiss the Go-Goat" 12/09/2019 AP
Watch Snow Burial's new music video for "Třinec" 12/09/2019 AP
Psycroptic premieres "We Were the Keepers" music video 12/09/2019 AP
Infected Rain to release "Endorphin" in October 12/09/2019 AP
Hour Of Penance debuts new single: "Flames of Merciless Gods" 12/09/2019 AP
Sonata Arctica unveils music video for "Who Failed the Most" 12/09/2019 AP
Ed Fraser premieres "Tempest" music video 12/09/2019 AP
Wolf Mountains post music video for "No Means No" 12/09/2019 AP
Void Of Vision debuts new video single: "If Only" 11/09/2019 AP
Exhumed post music video for "Naked, Screaming and Covered in Blood" 11/09/2019 AP
Touché Amoré premieres new single: "Deflector" 11/09/2019 AP
Dream Theater reveals European tour in early 2020 11/09/2019 AP
Portrayal Of Guilt debuts new single: "Sacrificial Rite" 11/09/2019 AP
Frontierer announces Scandinavian shows in October 11/09/2019 AP
Bask to release "III" in November 11/09/2019 AP
Feather Mountain playing release concert in Copenhagen 11/09/2019 LL
Sleep On It premiere new video single "After Tonight" 11/09/2019 LL
New blackened hardcore band Throwe share first single 11/09/2019 LL
Raised Fist announces new album: "Anthems" 11/09/2019 AP
Turnover announce new album "Altogether" 11/09/2019 LL
The Faim stream another single: "Beautiful Drama" 11/09/2019 LL
The Penske File release new song "Copper Sky" 11/09/2019 LL
I Prevail unveils music video for "Gasoline" 11/09/2019 AP


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