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Sick Of It All UK dates * 15/11/2005 xre
Iron Maiden World tour + new album 15/11/2005 xre
Zao to join In Flames 15/11/2005 xre
Story Of The Year back to the UK 15/11/2005 xre
Take Action 2006 14/11/2005 xre
First Warped Tour 2006 announcement 14/11/2005 xre
Tool album finished 14/11/2005 xre
Haste To Day to support Juliana 14/11/2005 xre
Most Precious Blood to Europe 14/11/2005 xre
Good Riddance with a new album 14/11/2005 xre
koRn to London 14/11/2005 xre
Pearl Jam almost finished 14/11/2005 xre
Fall Out Boy support 13/11/2005 xre
First names confirmed for Groezrock 2006 12/11/2005 xre
New Tool DVD 12/11/2005 xre
More Sony/BMG rootkit alerts. 11/11/2005 djani
Fastlane interview 11/11/2005 xre
New Blood Brothers album in the works 11/11/2005 xre
Less Than Jake UK dates 11/11/2005 xre
Moonspell signed 11/11/2005 xre
Akercocke to support Opeth 11/11/2005 xre
KITTIE signed 11/11/2005 xre
Less Than Jake album has a name 11/11/2005 xre
A new supergroup formed 11/11/2005 xre
Sick Of It All album 11/11/2005 xre
Trivium enters studio 11/11/2005 xre
Underoath recording with Killswitch man 11/11/2005 xre
Great European tour scheduled for January 11/11/2005 xre
Stretch Arm Strong to support Story Of The Year 11/11/2005 xre
Kerrang! tour in January 09/11/2005 xre
Grokster closes 08/11/2005 xre
Captain Everything correction* 08/11/2005 xre
Tommy Lee eCard 08/11/2005 xre
Boys Night Out to the UK 08/11/2005 xre
Jackpot for Captain Everything 08/11/2005 xre
In Flames to the UK in March 07/11/2005 xre
The Hives in studio in January 07/11/2005 xre
Trustkill signs 07/11/2005 xre
Yellowcard UK dates 07/11/2005 xre
Vanna signed 07/11/2005 xre
Sick Of It All European tour 07/11/2005 xre
This Is Menace show @ UK 07/11/2005 xre
Megadeth to pre-record 07/11/2005 xre
Dredg European dates 07/11/2005 xre
Trivium UK supports 07/11/2005 xre
MySpace.com as record label 06/11/2005 schmidt
Bullet For My Valentine European tour in December!! 06/11/2005 xre
Armor For Sleep UK supports 05/11/2005 xre
Millencolin writing 05/11/2005 xre
Fear Factory adds Mainland dates 05/11/2005 xre


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