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As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean US dates 05/11/2005 xre
Illdisposed enters studio 05/11/2005 xre
CoB European support 05/11/2005 xre
In Flames, Trivium + Devildriver US tour 05/11/2005 xre
Limp Bizkit has a new album 05/11/2005 xre
GOD DAMN MAJOR LABELS 04/11/2005 xre
Akercocke questions 04/11/2005 xre
Saves The Day wanted stuff 04/11/2005 xre
Myspace a part of a major label? 04/11/2005 xre
Zao enters the studio 04/11/2005 xre
Dallas to return to the UK in March? 04/11/2005 xre
NoComply to tour the UK 04/11/2005 xre
TSL parts Geffen 04/11/2005 xre
Bad Religion writing new songs 04/11/2005 xre
Hatebreed to the UK 04/11/2005 xre
Anti-Flag names album 04/11/2005 xre
Fun Lovin´ Criminals UK tour 04/11/2005 xre
Soil album 04/11/2005 xre
Dry Kill Logic UK tour 04/11/2005 xre
MTV Europe music awards 04/11/2005 xre
Coldplay European support 04/11/2005 xre
Mudhoneys album has a name 04/11/2005 xre
Alkaline Trio UK support 04/11/2005 xre
Black Sabbath joins the hall of fame 03/11/2005 schmidt
Alexisonfire to go to studio soon 03/11/2005 xre
Auf Der Maur album 03/11/2005 xre
New Entombed album on the way 03/11/2005 xre
Arch Enemy UK support 03/11/2005 xre
New Atreyu album 03/11/2005 xre
Pelican UK tour 03/11/2005 xre
NoConply cancels 03/11/2005 xre
Beecher UK tour 03/11/2005 xre
Yellowcard to the UK 03/11/2005 xre
Finch in the hospital 03/11/2005 xre
koRn video 03/11/2005 xre
Darkness UK tour in February 03/11/2005 xre
Marylin Manson on upcoming release 02/11/2005 schmidt
Saosin to support Co&Ca elsewhere, too 02/11/2005 xre
Moneen/Alexisonfire e-card 02/11/2005 xre
Taste Of Chaos openers 02/11/2005 xre
Fuel almost finished 02/11/2005 xre
Audioslave finishes writing 02/11/2005 xre
Boysetsfire to play a one-off UK date 02/11/2005 xre
Like Alexisonfire? Like Screamo? Check out this band 02/11/2005 xre
Great one-day festival in Detroit 02/11/2005 xre
Deep Purple UK presale 02/11/2005 xre
As I Lay Dying video 01/11/2005 xre
Great tour in NA 01/11/2005 xre
All Stretch Arm UK dates 01/11/2005 xre
Download a new Matchbook Romance song 31/10/2005 xre


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