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Headline Date Author
Yellowcard single 14/09/2005 xre
Boysetsfire reissues + bsides + new album title + new songs 14/09/2005 xre
God Forbid e-card 14/09/2005 xre
MEW to the UK 14/09/2005 xre
Ramones Museum 13/09/2005 xre
Stainds new UK dates 13/09/2005 xre
Sevendust to tour in January 13/09/2005 xre
Taste Of XMAS compilation 13/09/2005 xre
Switchfoot to tour this fall 13/09/2005 xre
Lava folds into Atlantic 13/09/2005 xre
New AFI on its way? 13/09/2005 xre
Armor For Sleep UK tour 13/09/2005 xre
Priest Feast 13/09/2005 xre
Lawrence Arms, Guttermouth to release new records 13/09/2005 xre
Great emo lineup 13/09/2005 xre
Download The Line 13/09/2005 xre
Life Of Agony UK dates 13/09/2005 xre
Hammerfall to record a new album 13/09/2005 xre
Mnemic loses frontman 13/09/2005 xre
Cave In adds dates 13/09/2005 xre
Shadows Falls website 13/09/2005 xre
The Postman Syndrome to record 13/09/2005 xre
So many bands splitting recently 12/09/2005 xre
Entombed loses guitarist 12/09/2005 xre
DBS to support A7X 11/09/2005 xre
Amazing relief lineup 11/09/2005 xre
Moneen to release a new album 11/09/2005 xre
Bouncing Souls announce more US dates 11/09/2005 xre
Boysetsfire signed 11/09/2005 xre
Corrosion cancelled 10/09/2005 xre
Stream a Nightmare 10/09/2005 xre
New Thrice song 10/09/2005 xre
next Rise Against album 10/09/2005 xre
New Beecher video 10/09/2005 xre
Life Of Agony to Europe 10/09/2005 xre
Matchbook Romance presale 10/09/2005 xre
C&C Presale 09/09/2005 xre
Matchbook Romance Album title + US dates 09/09/2005 xre
Howards Alias calls it a day 09/09/2005 xre
Tom DeLonge with ambition 09/09/2005 xre
Island signs Rockets 09/09/2005 xre
Stainds European tour rescheduled 09/09/2005 xre
Meshuggah to the UK 09/09/2005 xre
koRn album pushed back 09/09/2005 xre
Mastodon Europen dates 09/09/2005 xre
Converge, Darkest Hour teaming up for US dates 09/09/2005 xre
Disturbed US dates 09/09/2005 xre
Opeth US dates + support 09/09/2005 xre
Feeder JPN tour 09/09/2005 xre
Millencolin records video 09/09/2005 xre


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