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The Dropkick Murphys supporting Pogues in the UK 09/09/2005 xre
Pennywise US tour 09/09/2005 xre
Fear Before The March Of Flames, Bear Vs Shark US tour 09/09/2005 xre
Agnostic Front to tour Canada, EU 09/09/2005 xre
Back on track! 09/09/2005 xre
About the lack of news.. 07/09/2005 djani
Disturbed fanclub pack and other disturbing news 05/09/2005 djani
Alaska video 03/09/2005 djani
Best Buy & Circuit City Cold Bonus 03/09/2005 djani
Dark Tranquillity side project. 03/09/2005 djani
New H.I.M. song available 03/09/2005 djani
News update 01/09/2005 xre
Mastodon booted from Ozzfest 01/09/2005 xre
New Lagwagon in November 01/09/2005 xre
Fenix TX and more in Drive-Thru Invasion 01/09/2005 xre
Alexisonfire replaces Glassjaw 01/09/2005 xre
Avenged Sevenfold NA dates 01/09/2005 xre
Slunt to support Motörhead 01/09/2005 xre
The Fight to US 01/09/2005 xre
Trail of Dead in Texas 01/09/2005 xre
Finntroll to support koRn in Finland 01/09/2005 xre
Stream Ashes 31/08/2005 xre
Stretch Arm Strong in a killer tour 31/08/2005 xre
More Ozzfest drama 31/08/2005 xre
Dillinger cancels 31/08/2005 xre
Vans Eastpak Antidote tour EU dates 31/08/2005 xre
Dark Tranquillity cancels 31/08/2005 xre
Audioslave arena support 31/08/2005 xre
New Pre-recorded radio show released 30/08/2005 xre
This is why we hate major labels 30/08/2005 xre
Fall Of Troy included in a great lineup 30/08/2005 xre
Coldplay UK dates + presale 30/08/2005 xre
Foo Fighters US presale 30/08/2005 xre
Garbage EU tour off 30/08/2005 xre
30 Seconds To Attack 30/08/2005 xre
New Between The Buried And Me Song 30/08/2005 xre
Finally! 30/08/2005 xre
Bullet For My Valentine hits Germany 30/08/2005 xre
MTV Video Music Awards over 29/08/2005 xre
Blink 182 Greatest Hits 29/08/2005 xre
Preorder God Forbid 29/08/2005 xre
Lamb of God, Devildriver to Europe 29/08/2005 xre
Fear Factory US dates 28/08/2005 xre
Deftones album in trouble? 28/08/2005 xre
Nice indie tour this fall 28/08/2005 xre
Millencolin remastered 28/08/2005 xre
Hed Planet Earth to Europe 27/08/2005 xre
Trivium Video 27/08/2005 xre
Mae North American tour 27/08/2005 xre
International Noise Conspiracy tour 27/08/2005 xre


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