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Gatsby touring with Emery, Matchbook Romance and more 23/08/2005 xre
Stratovarius European + Japanese dates 22/08/2005 xre
Sonata Arctica European Tour 22/08/2005 xre
Franz Ferdinand European tour 22/08/2005 xre
IKTPQ to Europe 22/08/2005 xre
Its official - The Distillers loses members 22/08/2005 xre
Alter Bridge European tour 22/08/2005 xre
Stainds European tour 22/08/2005 xre
Victory Records tour will also hit the US 22/08/2005 xre
I swear if I don't move into the states soon I will go mad 22/08/2005 xre
Chiodos + The Fall Of Troy US tour 22/08/2005 xre
Static Lullaby are busy 22/08/2005 xre
More signings 22/08/2005 xre
A correction to Arch Enemy tour 22/08/2005 xre
Another one of those tours to kill for... 22/08/2005 xre
Camp Kill Europe 22/08/2005 xre
Haste drops label 22/08/2005 xre
Hopesfall added to the FFAF/Static Lullaby tour + Brasilian tour 22/08/2005 xre
Malmö Festival today 22/08/2005 xre
The Fight UK tour 21/08/2005 xre
Nightwish DK date post-poned 20/08/2005 xre
Alter Bridge US dates 20/08/2005 xre
Rammstein announces album title 20/08/2005 xre
CoB USA dates 20/08/2005 xre
AC/DC to Australia next year 20/08/2005 xre
HIM NA dates 19/08/2005 xre
Mae, Circa Survive to tour across the NA 19/08/2005 xre
Alkaline Trio reschedules Berlin 19/08/2005 xre
Stream Perfect Pitch Black 19/08/2005 xre
Simple Plan @ Europe 19/08/2005 xre
Audioslave arena tour 19/08/2005 xre
Dreaming video 19/08/2005 xre
More Hidden In Plain View UK dates 19/08/2005 xre
Alk3 US presale 19/08/2005 xre
Trivium returns to Europe 18/08/2005 xre
Slipknot to sue Burger King 18/08/2005 xre
Black Sabbath to Canada 18/08/2005 xre
Stainds European support 18/08/2005 xre
One of the BEST festivals this year is cancelled 18/08/2005 xre
Charlie Busted to tour UK with his band 18/08/2005 xre
A lot of cancellations lately 18/08/2005 xre
Hidden In Plain View to Uk 18/08/2005 xre
Avenged Sevenfold cancelled 18/08/2005 xre
KLoAK mp3 17/08/2005 djani
New Pre-recorded radio show released 17/08/2005 xre
Transplants not to be seen in Europe 17/08/2005 xre
Take Me Back 17/08/2005 xre
More Senses Fail dates + presale 17/08/2005 xre
Welcome Home video 17/08/2005 xre
Great tour again 17/08/2005 xre


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