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Take Me Back 17/08/2005 xre
More Senses Fail dates + presale 17/08/2005 xre
Welcome Home video 17/08/2005 xre
Great tour again 17/08/2005 xre
Thursday recording soon 17/08/2005 xre
Less Than Jake US dates 17/08/2005 xre
I Caught The Used 17/08/2005 xre
Dropkicks at Japan 16/08/2005 xre
Red Lights Flash to tour Spain 16/08/2005 xre
Arch Enemy support 16/08/2005 xre
Metallica + The stones in Germany? 16/08/2005 xre
Saosin NA tour 16/08/2005 xre
Watch Conan tomorrow 16/08/2005 xre
Its dangerous if you're not underOATH 16/08/2005 xre
Fenix TX reunites for Drive-Thru/Rushmore tour 16/08/2005 xre
Ramjet will record a new EP 16/08/2005 xre
Feeder UK tour on sale tomorrow 16/08/2005 xre
Dream Theater, Slipknot to South America 15/08/2005 xre
Fat Wreck Chords tour dates 14/08/2005 xre
Coheed & Cambrias new website 14/08/2005 xre
A great hardcore tour in the US 14/08/2005 xre
The Soft Sell video 14/08/2005 xre
That didnt last too long did it 14/08/2005 xre
Staind will tour Europe this fall 14/08/2005 xre
Alk3 support for UK dates 14/08/2005 xre
Comeback Kid to tour the Uk 14/08/2005 xre
Thrice to tour the UK in September 14/08/2005 xre
Hundred Reasons to release a new album? 14/08/2005 xre
Australia gets a visit by the glam rockers 14/08/2005 xre
Stream Taproot 14/08/2005 xre
Blindside to support Trapt 14/08/2005 xre
Bloodhounds to the Uk 14/08/2005 xre
Ozzfest without Ozzy 14/08/2005 xre
Porcupine Tree NA tour 14/08/2005 xre
ETD-I to support MCR in the UK 14/08/2005 xre
The Haunted wont just support Meshuggah.. 14/08/2005 xre
Slipknot dates revelead 14/08/2005 xre
Awesome metal lineup for the US 14/08/2005 xre
Turbonegro @ London, UK 12/08/2005 xre
Senses Fail US tour presale 12/08/2005 xre
Opeth returns to UK in November 12/08/2005 xre
New Pre-recorded radio show released 09/08/2005 xre
Staind to the UK 09/08/2005 xre
Foo Fighters UK tour in December 09/08/2005 xre
QOTSA UK Reschedule 09/08/2005 xre
Dream Theater drops Gigantour 09/08/2005 xre
Circa Survive live 09/08/2005 xre
Reel Big Fish world tour - part Australia 09/08/2005 xre
Death Cab For A Cutie NA dates 09/08/2005 xre
Awesome tour lineup featuring Matchbook Romance to hit the US 09/08/2005 xre


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