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Coheed & Cambria, Dredg US dates 31/07/2005 xre
Bullet For My Valentine tracklist 30/07/2005 xre
Arch Enemy European dates 30/07/2005 xre
Garbage to head down under 30/07/2005 xre
Green Day, MCR to Australia 30/07/2005 xre
Bullet For My Valentine video 30/07/2005 xre
Another Starting support 30/07/2005 xre
New Stretch Arm Strong song 30/07/2005 xre
She´s done it again... 30/07/2005 xre
Coheed & Cambria live for free! 30/07/2005 xre
MCR to tour with Alk3, Reggie 29/07/2005 xre
Fall Out Boy cancels 29/07/2005 xre
God Forbid plays London 29/07/2005 xre
Cave In update 29/07/2005 xre
One of the best metal tours this year besides for Gigantour 29/07/2005 xre
New Salvo EP 29/07/2005 xre
New A7X video 28/07/2005 xre
New Bayside song 28/07/2005 xre
New Saves The Day album 28/07/2005 xre
New Dark Tranquillity video 28/07/2005 xre
The Persistence Tour hits Europe 28/07/2005 xre
Dredg to join Coheed on tour 28/07/2005 xre
Default - new album 27/07/2005 xre
New Pennywise song 27/07/2005 xre
Coldplay to tour Europe 27/07/2005 xre
Disturbed European tour in October 27/07/2005 xre
Clawfinger gets signed 27/07/2005 xre
Gratitude UK tour 27/07/2005 xre
Foo Fighters head down under 27/07/2005 xre
Santana´s new album to feature Kirk Hammett 27/07/2005 xre
Download Festival - Now in America, with great bands 27/07/2005 xre
Interpol North American/Mexican tour 27/07/2005 xre
Silverstein European dates 27/07/2005 xre
Another Finch support band revealed 27/07/2005 xre
Bowling For Soup UK tour 27/07/2005 xre
New Blindside songs 27/07/2005 xre
Nintendo Fusion tour dates + lineup 27/07/2005 xre
Fantomas heads down under 27/07/2005 xre
New From Autumn To Ashes song 27/07/2005 xre
More UK Taste of Chaos dates 27/07/2005 xre
Every Time I die US dates 27/07/2005 xre
Noise & Confusion lineup to include FF, Oasis 27/07/2005 xre
The White Sripes UK tour 27/07/2005 xre
Dashboard Confessional acoustic presale 27/07/2005 xre
Bloc Party with new material - already 25/07/2005 tox
Sonata Arctica to tour NA, Europe 25/07/2005 xre
Day Of Rock sponsored by K! 25/07/2005 xre
Shoot Arm Strong 25/07/2005 xre
Children Of Bodoms album out early 25/07/2005 xre
Hellfest schedules revealed (almost) 25/07/2005 xre


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