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Bad Religion DVD now in October 21/07/2005 xre
Coheed & Cambria return to Europe 21/07/2005 xre
Reel Big Fish UK support band 21/07/2005 xre
Evergreen Terrace, Heaven Shall Burn and more to Europe 21/07/2005 xre
New song from the waterfront 21/07/2005 xre
Britney Bodom??? 21/07/2005 mokka
All kinds of punk on this tour 20/07/2005 xre
Porcupine Tree UK dates 20/07/2005 xre
A punk supergroup? 20/07/2005 xre
Bad Religion returns with a new album 20/07/2005 xre
New Allister material 20/07/2005 xre
Terrible news 20/07/2005 xre
Another tour to go see in the UK & Japan 20/07/2005 xre
Good Apollo, Catch My Arms 20/07/2005 xre
A ton of Finch US dates 20/07/2005 xre
Anti-Flag warms up for the Carling Weekend 20/07/2005 xre
Go see this tour! 20/07/2005 xre
Opeths European dates 20/07/2005 xre
Queens of the Nails in Canada 20/07/2005 xre
Daryl just does not get better 20/07/2005 xre
Soilwork's European dates 20/07/2005 xre
Trivium returns to the UK 20/07/2005 xre
More Soad Volta 20/07/2005 xre
The Grand Ghost 20/07/2005 xre
Stone Temple Filter? 17/07/2005 xre
FF & Weezer? 17/07/2005 xre
Dredg adds US dates 17/07/2005 xre
Insane lineup for the fall 17/07/2005 xre
Avenged Sevenfold adds more UK dates 17/07/2005 xre
This Is A Hurricane 17/07/2005 xre
My Chemical Supporters 17/07/2005 xre
Wanna be on a Killswitch DVD? 17/07/2005 xre
The Inevitability that Halifax will release another album 17/07/2005 xre
Alkaline Trio return to the UK 17/07/2005 xre
Comeback Kid, Bane to tour Europe 17/07/2005 xre
Planes Mistaken for Relapse Records 17/07/2005 xre
Poppunk news in the UK 17/07/2005 xre
One of the coolest acoustic acts around.. 17/07/2005 xre
Welcome Home, Good Apollo 17/07/2005 xre
As I Lay Dying Live Video 14/07/2005 djani
Black Dahlia video 14/07/2005 djani
Pennywise soundbits. 14/07/2005 djani
Juliana Theory Release 14/07/2005 djani
Coheed & Cambria e-card 13/07/2005 djani
Social D european tour 13/07/2005 xre
New Cold single 12/07/2005 xre
Nice lineup 12/07/2005 xre
Punkrockvids update 12/07/2005 xre
Check out this amazing lineup 12/07/2005 xre
Isis/Aerogramme split 12/07/2005 xre


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