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Silverstein + Spitalfied in Canada 19/04/2005 xre
Children of Bodom update 19/04/2005 xre
Underoath live 19/04/2005 xre
New Motion City Soundtrack song 19/04/2005 xre
More Reading/Leeds bands 19/04/2005 xre
Hatebreed video 19/04/2005 xre
Bad Religion dates 19/04/2005 xre
Jimmy Eat Video 18/04/2005 xre
Give It A Name 2005 18/04/2005 xre
One off Dredg show 18/04/2005 xre
SOAD Night Live 18/04/2005 xre
Listen and survive 18/04/2005 xre
Catch some sleep in Europe 18/04/2005 xre
Site news - News Archive 17/04/2005 xre
Thrice fans will be excited to hear... 17/04/2005 xre
Raging Speedhorn UK dates 17/04/2005 xre
Disturbed covers again 17/04/2005 xre
Dream Theater fans will wet themselves when they read this 17/04/2005 xre
Great news about Daryl 17/04/2005 xre
Showbread, Relient K videos 17/04/2005 xre
The Epoxies US dates 17/04/2005 xre
Sonic Boom Six, The Vandals interviewed 17/04/2005 xre
Simple Plan European Dates 17/04/2005 xre
Motion City Soundtrack adds a London date 17/04/2005 xre
New Vendetta Red song 17/04/2005 xre
Alkaline Trio adds new dates to their North American tour 17/04/2005 xre
Deep Purple gives EMI the finger 17/04/2005 xre
Helmet European tour dates 17/04/2005 xre
Artwork for Dream Theater 17/04/2005 xre
A huge Priest US tour 17/04/2005 xre
Jimmy Kimmel Engage 17/04/2005 xre
Acceptance interviewed 17/04/2005 xre
Awesome Post-hardcore tour US dates 17/04/2005 xre
New song by The Rocket Summer 17/04/2005 xre
Alexisonmoneen 17/04/2005 xre
Photos of Roses 17/04/2005 xre
Conan O Boy 17/04/2005 xre
Wake The Video 16/04/2005 xre
Drowning Pool US dates 16/04/2005 xre
Sad but true... 16/04/2005 xre
More Chevelle US dates 16/04/2005 xre
Blindside US dates 16/04/2005 xre
Power metal festival of the year 16/04/2005 xre
A huge Santana update 16/04/2005 xre
Bad Religion announced for Reading/Leeds 16/04/2005 xre
Fire it up 16/04/2005 xre
Remix Against 16/04/2005 xre
Oh no... 16/04/2005 xre
New essential album reviewed 15/04/2005 sats
The truth 15/04/2005 xre


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