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Viborg Metal Festival unveils more artists for 2019 line-up 30/12/2018 AP
Nailed To Obscurity premieres "Tears of the Eyeless" music video 29/12/2018 AP
Carnal Forge posts lyric video for new song: "Reforged" 29/12/2018 AP
Hundred Year Old Man to Denmark in February 28/12/2018 AP
Forever Unclean premieres "Words" music video 28/12/2018 AP
Belzebong announces Danish concert in April 28/12/2018 AP
Dave McClain rejoins Sacred Reich; new album due in 2019 27/12/2018 AP
Gypsy Chief Goliath to release "Masters of Space and Time" in February 27/12/2018 AP
Northern Winter Beat completes 2019 line-up 27/12/2018 AP
The HAARP Machine premieres new video single: "The Nadir" 27/12/2018 AP
Swallow The Sun premieres new video single: "Lumina Aurea" 25/12/2018 AP
Graveyard announces Malmö concert in April 23/12/2018 AP
Lucer premieres new video single: "Ghost Town" 23/12/2018 AP
The Ocean's Copenhagen show in April officially confirmed 23/12/2018 AP
While She Sleeps streaming new single: "Haunt Me" 22/12/2018 AP
Chris Maggio to fill in for Ben Koller on Mutoid Man's European tour 22/12/2018 AP
Vanir announces "Allfather" release show in February 22/12/2018 AP
Soilwork premieres new video single: "Stålfågel" 21/12/2018 AP
Deadnate premieres "Tribes of Giants" music video 21/12/2018 AP
The Ocean announces Spring European tour 21/12/2018 AP
Battle Beast announces new album: "No More Hollywood Endings" 20/12/2018 AP
Millencolin premieres "SOS" music video 20/12/2018 AP
Redwolves to release "Future Becomes Past" in March 20/12/2018 AP
Waste Of Space Orchestra's "Syntheosis" to be released as album 20/12/2018 AP
New indoor festival in Denmark announced: Udgårdsfest 20/12/2018 AP
Asphyx confirmed for Royal Metal Fest 2019 20/12/2018 AP
Beartooth premieres live music video for "Fire" 19/12/2018 AP
Fugleflugten booked for headlining Copenhagen show in May 19/12/2018 AP
Maryland Deathfest announces Scandinavia Deathfest in 2019 19/12/2018 AP
Two new singles from The Raconteurs available for streaming 19/12/2018 AP
Hanging The Nihilist announces release show for "Crow" EP 19/12/2018 AP
Candlemass streaming new single: "The Omega Circle" 19/12/2018 AP
Tech-Fest unveils first batch of artists for 2019 line-up 19/12/2018 AP
Dropkick Murphys to play concert in Malmö in June 19/12/2018 AP
Rotting Christ debuts new song: "Heaven and Hell and Fire" 18/12/2018 AP
Still The Man premieres new video single: "Sacrificial" 18/12/2018 AP
The Beths to support Death Cab For Cutie on upcoming European tour 17/12/2018 AP
Asking Alexandria premieres "Vultures" music video 17/12/2018 AP
Stoned Jesus to tour Europe in the Spring 17/12/2018 AP
Monster Magnet announces concert in Malmö in July 17/12/2018 AP
Rotting Christ to headline Midwinter Meltdown 2019 17/12/2018 AP
Spaceslug to Denmark in February 17/12/2018 AP
Pectora & Iron Fire booked for Copenhagen show in April 17/12/2018 AP
Urkraft to play re-union concert at Royal Metal Fest 2019 17/12/2018 AP
Avantasia debuts new single: "The Raven Child" 17/12/2018 AP
møl announces headlining Copenhagen show in April 17/12/2018 AP
Dead Swords streaming new single: "Ender" 17/12/2018 AP
Overkill posts lyric video for new song: "Last Man Standing" 16/12/2018 AP
Malevolent Creation premieres "Decimated" music video 16/12/2018 AP
Papa Roach streaming new song: "Elevate" 16/12/2018 AP


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