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Headline Date Author
MAC to support Motion City Soundtrack 02/04/2005 xre
Bracket news 03/04/2005 xre
The Game 06/03/2006 xre
Pussycat Eat World? 03/08/2006 viZ^
Major site updates coming 03/08/2006 xre
Saosin Thanks their fans 05/08/2006 josh
Cataract Announces New Bassist 07/08/2006 miray
Former Evergrey Bassist Joins Engel 07/08/2006 miray
Evanescence's New Video Posted Online 07/08/2006 miray
Symphony X Sets Title For New Album 07/08/2006 miray
Detonation To Enter Studio In December 07/08/2006 miray
Enjoy a drop of poison! 07/08/2006 miray
And now "Enjoy The Silence" 07/08/2006 miray
Best albums of July! 08/08/2006 PP
Stormhammer Parts Ways With Drummer, Seeks Replacement 11/08/2006 MY
The Haunted's The Dead Eye on October 30 11/08/2006 MY
Heaven Shall Burn - Another New Song Online 11/08/2006 MY
Iron Maiden - New Song 'Different World' Posted Online 11/08/2006 MY
P.O.D. Splits With Atlantic Records 11/08/2006 MY
Gwar - 'School's Out' Video Posted Online 11/08/2006 MY
Arch Enemy - 'Live Apocalypse' DVD E-Card Available 11/08/2006 MY
Black Label Society - "The European Invasion" DVD Preview Available 11/08/2006 MY
Site Downtime! 11/08/2006 JM
Terror a musicians nightmare? 11/08/2006 JM
Victory Records Announces New Signings: 12/08/2006 MY
Nirvana 'All Apologies' DVD Due In November 12/08/2006 MY
Lamb Of God full length videos available! 12/08/2006 JM
He Is track listing 12/08/2006 TL
Firewind to support Dragonforce in DK 12/08/2006 TL
Site Updates finished (almost) 15/08/2006 PP
Plus 44 in October? 15/08/2006 PP
Metallica On The Simpsons 15/08/2006 MY
Mercenary - 'The Hours That Remain' E-Card Available 15/08/2006 MY
Soil - New Version Of 'Give It Up' Posted Online 15/08/2006 MY
Amon Amarth - New Song Available For Download 15/08/2006 MY
Misery Signals - Video Plus Two Tracks Online 15/08/2006 MY
Twelve Tribes - New Album 15/08/2006 MY
ETID video online 15/08/2006 TL
Deftones track listing 16/08/2006 TL
Papa Roach - 'The Paramour Sessions' E-Card Available 19/08/2006 MY
Mnemic To Mix New Album With Tue Madsen 19/08/2006 MY
Insomnium - New Song Posted Online 19/08/2006 MY
Dragonforce - New Video Posted Online 19/08/2006 MY
My Dying Bride - New Album Track Listing 19/08/2006 MY
Machine Head Announces New Album Title 19/08/2006 MY
The Duskfall Announces New Bassist 19/08/2006 MY
Moonspell - New Live Videos Posted Online 19/08/2006 MY
Dream Theater - 'I Walk Beside You' Live Video Clip Available 19/08/2006 MY
Koldborn Signs With Listenable Records 19/08/2006 MY
Dissection Frontman Shot Himself In Head As Part Of Ritual Suicide 19/08/2006 MY


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