Lion Of Judas

Written by: PP on 22/07/2008 03:58:34

Another relatively new Ferret Music signing, Elysia, has a lot in common with The Banner whose new album \"Frailty\" I just reviewed the other day. Both deliver their metallic chaos hardcore with a punk attitude, both are loud as fuck, and both leave you hoping that at least someone caught the license plate on that truck that just flattened you. \"Lion Of Judas\" is their sophomore album and the first one to be widely released, and showcases exactly why searching for Converge gives you almost a hundred matches just on Rockfreaks.net

You see, whereas The Banner relied on a volume-based freight train assault, Elysia deviates from the formula a bit with atmospheric breakdowns, constant rhythm variations and more cleverly written hooks and riffs. And though it\'s heavy, it never comes across as being heavy just for the sake of piercing your ear drums with the tearing guitars. Ultimately, it\'s that and the sheer Converge imitation in the riffs what keeps Elysia on a level above many of their genre colleagues.

There are weaknesses on the record, however. Firstly, their vocalist\'s ear-shattering bark becomes slightly one-sided by the end of the disc, but I\'m willing to note that down as something the band will work on in the future anyway. Secondly, the record is slightly too short. At nine tracks and just 28 minutes, the record is over so fast that you haven\'t really had the chance of starting to like any of their songs yet. But these are both minor flaws, and are offset by the utter chaos that dominates the record for the majority of it, and the intriguing song titles which all follow a similar format, suggesting there\'s much more to this album than us mortals have yet figured out. So even though on first listen \"Lion Of Judas\" may sound like just another Converge influenced metallic hardcore band, you should spin it a few more times as it\'s definitely a grower. That, if something, is a good sign.

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For the fans of: The Banner, Converge, Emmure, See You Next Tuesday
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Release date 10.06.2008
Ferret Music

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