Unexploded (demo)

Written by: PP on 27/09/2008 18:52:04

Danish electro rockers Unexploded classify themselves as 'trip rock', the genre usually affiliated with bands like Massive Attack and the like, which is just about on the other side of the relevance border for Rockfreaks.net. Nonetheless, they're Danish, so I thought what the hell, and went through with a review of their self-titled four-track promo EP (that's not the artwork, by the way) that supposedly serves as a hype-method for their upcoming full length record next year.

Musically, the band are trippy alright. Their soundscapes are extremely loose, often making the listener feel like he's swimming underneath the surface of a mammoth-size lake at night (thin parallels to Thrice's "Water" EP on "The Alchemy Index" can also be heard). In other words: their sound is gloomy as hell. The instruments are pretty minimalistic, relying on electronic samples rather than guitars for the most part, ranging between the industrial sounds to space-age modern electro effects. Think Massive Attack here. The voice of their vocalist appears kind of frightening, consisting mostly of deep spoken-word passages, often with intense lyrical messages. They actually resemble Rammstein's vocals, at least kind of.

The sound is pretty interesting overall, but frankly not something I'd ever put on again. There's something monotonous about their sound despite its experimentalist nature that puts me off from listening to it time after time. But I guess that's all part of the 'trip rock' genre as well, it's just not for me, and probably not for most readers of this magazine either.

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Release date April 2008

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