The Darkness

One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back

Written by: PP on 30/11/2005 02:24:25

The Darkness is a band I really aspire to hate with my guts. Therefore when I find out it's my job to review their sophomore album "One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back", I'm looking forward to it with mixed feelings. On one hand I'm excited about the opportunity to give Justin Hawkins the shit he deserves for stating they're "the saviors of rock n roll" or whatever bullcrap he let out of his mouth last time around, but on the other hand I'm also really bothered by having to listen to his faggot-ass voice for at least ten listens in order to give an objective review. And to my great distress, I can't give it as bad grade as I precedently planning on.

To be honest with all of you, the album isn't half as bad as I thought it would be. There are songs on the album like "Hazel Eyes" and "English Country Garden" that are guaranteed to be played on every single club for the rest of the century, but before they get overplayed, they are surprisingly good songs. As much as I hate to admit this, every now and then my mouse voluntarily goes and clicks on "Hazel Eyes" just to hear that amusing yet awesome chorus "girl! with the hazel eyes, oahh-oahh-oahh-oahhhh" one more time.

I'm surprised over how different this album sounds in comparison to their debut. There isn't a single song directly reminding me of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" or any of the other megahits from the debut. The band hasn't falled into the sophomore slump of just repeating their original album in hopes of selling as many records and continuing their luxorious life as before. But still, the album is catchy as hell just like the debut, and if it wouldn't be overplayed in the radios over the next couple of thousand years, I would actually enjoy it for much, much longer than I was originally planning to.

The artwork is great, too, but Justin: Just a reminder, a 'One way ticket and back' is actually a RETURN. Makes you sound stupider than you are. But regardless of this minor glitch, The Darkness has once again come out with a sound belonging to the Queen-era, something which no other band is quite capable of doing with as high quality as this band. Damn you for making me award this album with such a high grade!


Download: Hazel Eyes, English Country Garden
For the fans of: Queen

Release date 29.11.2005
Atlantic / Wea

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