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Ah, our second vinyl review ever, this time a 12" red vinyl version of "Sequence The Sequence" by Traktor from Eskilstuna, a small town outside Stockholm, Sweden, who play screamo/post-hardcore clearly influenced by their fellow countrymen Refused. Similarities can also be found with the styles and sounds of bands like JR Ewing, Kaospilot, and even Funeral Diner to some extent, in that the 'original screamo and post-hardcore' element is prevalent in the band's music throughout. Much like other releases by Apocaplexy Records, "Sequence The Sequence" is only going to appeal to a small niche given its vinyl release.

There's an experimental feel to the band's music, a will to stray outside the generic post-hardcore formula into echoing soundscapes and strange guitar effects. That's what makes Traktor stand out from their genre cloud, but at the same time there's still an imminent feel that the album as a whole isn't as memorable as one would've hoped. It falls perfectly into the "great to listen to, but won't remember the next day" category, because there are plenty of great moments scattered across the record. "Random Close-Ups", for instance, sort of reminds me of early Thursday instrumentally - if said band was on steroids and speed and had listened to loads and loads of Refused when they were growing up. The band's big desire for experimentation is perhaps best seen on the seven and a half minute mammoth "Ouvertyr", which functions as a sort of an interlude between the explosive screamo packages on both sides of the track. It takes use of extensive repetitive instrumental passages to forge a hypnotic tempo (have they taken cues from Meshuggah, also from Sweden?) that creates a very specific atmosphere: one just on the verge of chaos. It suits nicely both as a break from the earlier chaotic expression and as a prelude to the heavily Refused-inspired "Drawn Knives And Bent Knees".

The instrumental thematics throughout the record stay the same. The guitars feature frantic, high-pitched stop-start sequences with a love for intermittent melody, the drums merely serve as a rhythmic device, and the bass-lines are funky and experimental. In other words, Refused's tried-and-tested working formula; it kind of makes me question the fact whether Refused really Are Fucking Dead? Jokes aside. In its essence, Traktor provide at least some closure to everyone still kind of shook up from the Refused break up over a decade ago. Maybe they're not quite as good, but still an altogether decent effort.

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For the fans of: Refused, JR Ewing, Funeral Diner
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Release date 11.04.2008
Apocaplexy Records

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