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Need For Closure EP

Written by: TL on 11/12/2009 00:26:02

From a long review, I will proceed with a short one, or at least this should be, considering that the record in question is only a four track EP, called "Need For Closure", and its fathering band, Ella Sera, have barely a career to their name as of yet. The EP is their first release, and as impressive as the three piece's myspace looks, it offers little clue as to prior engagements of any kind.

So it seems to be all about these four songs then, and the first thing most people will open their eyes (ears?) to, upon hearing any of them, is the vocal work of singer Vafa Sobhani, who sounds about as close to Jonny Craig as I imagine it is possible, something which is of course already a monumental advantage for any band plying the genre-waters this band does, namely the straits where the oceans of emo, post-hardcore and even r'n'b all come together.

As for instrumentals, I'd say this is similar stuff to both Emarosa and Saosin, except with less complexity and force, and then when force is applied, I get a slight hint of Blessthefall, although one would have to envision that band without both harsh vocals and breakdowns for it to make any sense. Regardless, it's the end product that matters, and the end product is pretty good here, with all songs putting up a solid impression, and the first and last ones, "Turn Your Head" and "Faith", seeming especially singalongable after only a few listens.

You can of course complain a bit, over the simplicity of the songs, and over the production that leaves the drums sounding somewhat flat in places, but let's be fair here. This is obviously a very young band, and with both passion, sense of melody and seemingly ambitious imagery, there's not a single reason these guys shouldn't develop into ones to watch out for. So why don't you just get this EP so you can brag about it when they're bigger. Did I mention their singer sounds like Jonny Craig and their guitar work echoes Saosins? Do you need any more selling points? If so, I guess you'll just have to take my recommendation at face value. Super debut.

Download: Turn Your Head, Faith, Born Into Stone
For The Fans Of: Emarosa, Everdae, Jonny Craig, Saosin
Listen: myspace.com/ellasera

Release Date 15.09.2009

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