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The Dollar For Dollar EP

Written by: PP on 16/12/2009 17:54:10

Same As Sunday are small pop punk/hardcore hybrid from Indianapolis. They're a part of the recent trend where new pop punk bands are going back to the basics, to the raw emotion, bright riffs and hooks in the vein of early New Found Glory, with the addition of pop-hardcore breakdowns and rough production values. In other words, Same As Sunday belong to the group of bands falling under the umbrella term of "fun" music; their stuff is both light-hearted, gimmick-free, and super catchy. Maybe that's why they've won the unsigned band of the month award for December last year in Alternative Press?

They've just put out a new five track EP called "The Dollar For Dollar", and if you're into bands like Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years, and especially With The Punches, you should be checking these guys out, because chances are you'll be dancing and moshing to tunes like "One In A Million" straight away. The vocalist for Same As Sunday sounds like a perfect mix of Soupy from The Wonder Years and the singer of WTP, and instrumentally the band share everything in common with said bands as well. Expect lots of pop-hardcore breakdowns, gang-shout alongs, and generally an energetic attitude plus a feeling that things aren't taken very seriously, which always works as an added bonus to bands like these. This is also evident in their lyrics: the "Cause we're so originaaaaal" line at the end of "One In A Million" made me smile and realize that for Same As Sunday, it's all about writing the kind of music that they also like listening to, who cares if it's original or not. Kudos.

But although many of the songs are bouncy and full of energy ("An Ode To Ms. Communication" at the forefront), the truth is that they aren't QUITE as catchy as those by the bands they model. That doesn't mean their summery songs aren't fun and enjoyable in their own right, but realistically, you wouldn't choose a Same As Sunday song over the other guys should all four bands be on the same playlist, not that it prevents you from occasionally stumbling onto their tracks and singing along.

Download: An Ode To Ms Communication, One In A Million
For the fans of: The Wonder Years, With The Punches, Four Year Strong
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Release date Summer 2009

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