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I'm Here To Kill EP

Written by: PP on 27/12/2009 18:31:04

I've been following System And Station for quite some time now, reviewing each one of their releases that has arrived in my mailbox, and I still can't figure out why they aren't a much bigger band yet. Their sound has all the ingredients of a popularity explosion waiting to happen; a signature sound instantly attributable to the band, and consistently good songs plus the occasional breathtaking and amazing ones, two of which can be found on their new EP "I'm Here To Kill". Do your part now and check out this criminally underrated band, you won't regret it, especially if bands like Built To Spill, Copeland, The New Frontiers, and partly Radiohead read among your list of favorite bands.

"I'm Here To Kill" is a concept EP based on the true story of a woman struggling with an abusive relationship and the loss of her child at the hands of her then-husband. It's an interesting concept to start out with, but where it really gets intriguing is how the band uses diverse moods and sounds so effectively to aurally describe parts of the story. You have the EP opener, "Love etc", a rough, garage-ish punk track which sees System And Station depart slightly from their trademark experimental indie rock sound to a more frantic expression complete with distorted vocals to set the abusive-relationship background story into place. On the other extreme, you have absolutely brilliant tracks like "Highway Crawl", which highlight the band's impressive use of angular, vibrant guitars while contrasting them with the calm, but infectious vocal melody, which should immediately remind you of "Sentencing" by Boys Night Out on their also-awesome (in fact, one of the best ever recorded) concept album "Trainwreck". "Patterns" is another astonishing track following in the footsteps of "Highway Crawl" - the bright guitar melody fits perfectly alongside the desperate vocal delivery. The experimentalist instrumental passage works wonderfully as well. On top of that you also have a slow, very Radiohead-esque track "We See Ourselves Shining Brightly" where the band is at their most dreamy, but still good.

Now what I don't get is how come the band is able to write songs like the two mentioned before and NOT be more known in the scene? How come people aren't discovering these guys? Why aren't they the next Built To Spill already? "I'm Here To Kill" is my third System And Station release and so far, I haven't found a single bad song or a section that has left me disappointed. People into intelligent, challenging music should be all over this band and this release by now. Make it happen, people.


Download: Patterns, Highway Crawl
For the fans of: Boys Night Out, Built To Spill, The New Frontiers, Radiohead
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Release date 27.10.2009
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