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Written by: PP on 24/04/2005 20:45:37

The Higher's debut album "Histrionics" really doesn't impress me. Sure, their lead singer knows how to sing, and they are talented musicians but the band offers nothing new. They belong to the five thousand mile wide wall of emo influenced punk bands a la Taking Back Sunday, Story Of The Year and countless others. Think of Taking Back Sunday meets Creed meets Senses Fail. Sure, these guys know what they are doing but in the end it's just...boring. Also one thing that bothers me about Histrionics is that nearly every other song is either really slow, or else slow AND acoustic. But all this said, it's still not a bad album by any means. Songs like "Diaries", "In The Set" and "Kalimist" are great songs. Specially the vocalist is worth mentioning, he really knows how to sing. On the other hand, the album is filled with tracks like "Circle Of Death" or "Histrionics" which are just awful. Why oh why did these guys decide to include clapping to give rhythm for the sounds really horrible.


Download: Diaries, In The Set

For the fans of: Taking Back Sunday, The Used

Release date 03.05.2005

Fiddler Records

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