Pieklo. Labirynty. Diably.

Written by: PP on 16/09/2010 23:16:10

"Morowe is a deadly breath of melancholy and chaos". I couldn't have said it better myself. Information on this Polish outfit is scarce, as they don't even own a Myspace page, but the ambitious mixture of progressive black metal and melancholy speaks for itself: "Piekto. Labirynty. Diably" is a very good album displaying just what is possible when you entwine together darkness and misery. The resulting monster is part Opeth, part Satyricon, and part some kvlt band whose name only our fellow scribe EW is in possession of. The genre? Well, it says post-black metal in the promotional material, but I'm more inclined to refer it to as either avant-garde or experimental black metal, for so focused is the record on creating atmospheres and moods of various kind.

These are formed through a direct contrast of brutality - death metal growls for instance - and melodic leads that have their roots in tremolo black metal, but offer just so much more in richness and detail. The songs often have brief ambient passages where it feels like the sound travels and echoes from left to right side of your headphones, creating a surreal, modern soundscape that doesn't feel at all mechanical - quite the contrary. Even traditional folk elements from Norse viking culture make appearances here and there, but in my opinion these are mostly just a natural result from the Opeth-esque complexions meeting with the black metal base, not purposeful branching out.

Melody is heavily relied on for texture throughout, but Morowe aren't afraid to go crazy every once in a while. There are plenty of passages where the drummer engages in high-intensity blast-beat domination, but this is nearly always simultaneous to a melodic guitar piercing a hole in the darkness with its melancholic tone. This is an interesting contrast and basically the album in a nutshell. It's a very similar thing to what Opeth are doing, but Morowe have expanded that basic format with their black and death metal backgrounds sufficiently to create a sound of their own. Despite having listened to this record for weeks now, its seemingly never-ending depth and complexion keeps perplexing me. Close your eyes, and let Morowe take you on a brutal but yet very beautiful journey through the depths and possibilities of modern progressive black metal.


Download: JEGO oblicza, Komenda
For the fans of: Opeth, Satyricon, Fall Of Empyrean
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Release date 01.06.2010
Witching Hour Productions

No myspace available

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