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Lemonade EP

Written by: DR on 17/12/2010 19:51:30

Ukranian music composer Heinali and American poet Matt Finney (Finneyerkes) first collaborated on their "Town Line EP" which was apparently met with positive reviews. They had chemistry together, so they've teamed up again, only this time have, despite the artwork and album title, moved into darker territories with "Lemonade EP".

I'm probably not accurately describing this with a comment such as 'darker territories' - this is one of the darkest, most uncompromising releases I've heard in 2010. Heinali handles the musical end, delving into dreary ambient/shoegaze/post-rock/drone (sometimes all at once) influenced soundscapes with almost-flawless production, while Matt Finney recites his intense poetry with a bleak, weakly-spoken whisper over the top of it. Initially your attention will be drawn to Finney's dark poetry: how would you not be with lines like in the opening song "A Beginning". That sort of thing continues throughout the six tracks, never rhyming, never offering any sort of hope, he just seems to descend further and further into the darkness of his mind.

It's powerful stuff, but in this respect Heinali deserves his fair share of the credit as the music, or soundtrack if you like, he creates helps give greater insight into the protagonist's mind with depressing soundscapes. All of that does not apply to "The Dream", which is at first a sombre piano ballad, but out of nowhere come electronics which completely decimate the dynamic of the song. However, the first five tracks are thought-provoking stuff unlike anything I remember hearing. It's pretty obvious this will not be to everyone's tastes, but the subtlety of Heinali's compositions and the raw power of Finney's poetry deserves a:


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Release Date 15.06.2010

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