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My Dreams And Me

Written by: TL on 11/01/2011 22:32:35

Okay guys, in this review; A couple of things I'm currently big on: Bands that initially seem corny enough for superficial people to write them off, bands that are unashamedly poppy but still keep it classy, bands that sound even remotely like Say Anything, bands that use to either give their music away or offer it in "name your price" deals aaaand, last but not least, bands named The Starlight Getaway - Which actually means one specific band about whom all of the above is true.

"My Dreams And Me" is the corny title of the first record of this rather dorky looking Florida five-piece (which incidentally also has a corny name), but despite what you might suspect, things aren't anywhere as retarded as they might seem when looking at the names and the cover on this disc. Ok, so there's a lot of unashamed use of neon-synths, but that turns out to be a good thing, when the band starts to combine it with high energy pop-punk parts alá Amber Pacific and sensible pauses in the veins of Say Anything. And it turns out even better when you listen and find that these dudes have a knack for catchiness both when it comes to melodies and choruses.

Enter opener "Sub Astrum Nos Sto Pariter" ("Together we stand beneath the stars", thank you google translate) to show what I'm talking about. Built around a core that is quintessentially pop-punk and spiced up with 80's style keyboards and relentless powerpop energy, the song quickly gains your attention via a catchy synth signature and some effective switches in vocal pitch. It's not that the singer is all that impressive technically, but there's something to like about how he's kept it real with the digital correction tools, leaving it audible that some have been used, but also that his voice is slightly thinner in the higher parts. Oh and those sexy falsetto notes in the verse are pretty cool too.

However, although that song demonstrates perfectly what the band is about, and although it is pretty catchy, it is by no means a highlight of the record. That title I'd personally prefer to divide between songs like "One Thousand And One", "I'm A Good Friend... Today", "Absolute Power" and the title track. Then again, that is actually half of the record's eight track total, and I'm sure others could argue with me over which are best, because the quality level is pretty damn consistent, with TSG continuously filling their songs up with elements from a wide variety of pop-punk infuences, while always keeping things enough in check to still sound uniquely like themselves.

In point of fact, if we disregard for a moment the fact that the singing does have some room to grow when it comes to sounding perfect in the higher sections, then the only thing to really ask of this band, is if their songs aren't maybe a little too busy for their own good at times. For a pop-punk band relying on cheesy-synths, there is more than usual for you to pay attention to at all times, and you could argue that it makes the songs a little unfocused at times. That being said, I'll take it any day over the kind of simplistic and predictable pop-rock that will get you bored to death way too soon, and seeing as this is presumably the band's first record, it's only doubly impressive how they've managed to keep it all together.

In fact, as I listen closely while writing this, it would seem that each and every one of the eight songs on offer have something going for them. Seriously, check out how much the singer sounds like Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer in the opening of "Don't Take Pride In Anything (Meant To Be Alone)", or how the band floors the speed-pedal in "Absolute Power", or how pummeling the rhythms actually are beneath the cheesy synth bridge of "Sub Astrum.." - or, or, or even how they seem to take notes on the use of vocoder from Imogen Heap in "Channeling Emotions". Shit dudes, I think I have to recognize that this is an eight track record with eight good tracks, showcasing the abilities of a rather promising band. Guess I can't grade it any lower than this then:


Download: I'd suggest: One Thousand And One, I'm A Good Friend... Today, My Dreams And Me - but really, it's all free if you click the bandcamp link below here
For The Fans Of: Panic! At The Disco, PlayRadioPlay, Saving Aimee, UpUpDown, Motion City Soundtrack

Release Date 19.06.2010
** Self-Released**

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