Speaker Of The Dead

Written by: PP on 11/03/2011 05:53:40

So I'll be honest and unveil my motives going into the fourth Emmure album "Speaker Of The Dead". According to all rumours on the internet and warnings from my colleagues at Rockfreaks.net, my expectation was pretty much to meet the grandfather of all chug-fests, a one-cord, breakdown-obsessed ritual designed for 'brutal' hardcore kids to swing their limbs around to in a ridiculously violent manner from start to finish. The idea was to bash this release to the seventh hell, but it turns out this isn't all that Emmure has to offer.

Although the first minute and a half to "Speaker Of The Dead" entails basically one chord that's mechanically produced to give the most brutal and heavy-sounding breakdown possible on "Children Of Cybertron", the remainder of the album offers lots and lots of points for redemption designed to off arguments from people like me and my colleagues about Emmure being a stupid redneck breakdown band altogether. "Dogs Get Put Down", for instance, is as masculine as songs get with its brutal growling. It's also one of the rare instances where I've heard a horror-chord used as the basis of a riff that actually makes sense within the song. "Demons With Ryu", one of the best songs on the record, utilizes a similarly ear-bleeding, high-pitch guitar effect as its main interest point, but strangely enough it is contrasted with some melodic guitars that, together with the brutal growling and shrieking vocal dynamic, create an interesting song out of texture that really shouldn't be appealing in any way!

Then comes "Solar Flare Homicide", the number one song I'd recommend on the record. Some distant Zao influence can be heard in the ravaging screams above the pummeling instrumental soundscape, but this is really how I'd like people to remember Emmure by: one of the most brutal deathcore bands out there that utilizes bits of electronic/dub-step in small amounts without resorting into pig squeals, vocoders and stuff like that. It's catchy in its own way - much similar to what Zao have done on their brutal records - and given the dual-guitar output Emmure is able to deliver an extremely dense and heavy sound given one breakdown-oriented guitar on the background, and another groove/riff driven one leading the way. In any case, it's much, much more interesting than I would've ever imagined based on "Felony" or the band's reputation across the net.

Sure, the mere mention of Emmure ought to put most people off, but the truth is by grading "Speaker Of The Dead" any less than a 7 would be underrating its capability. It's always going to be simple, brooding deathcore, but because of its lack of mechanical sound and shameless worship of brutality, it appears roaring out of the gate impressing even the most skeptical critics such as this scribe. I usually hate breakdown-deathcore, but Emmure's effort is pretty damn good all things considered.


Download: Demons With Ryu, 64-66, Solar Flare Homicide, Bohemian Grove
For the fans of: Texas In July, American Me, Defiler, King Conquer
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Release date 15.02.2011
Victory Records

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