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Act Like You Care

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The Ignored are a melodic hardcore band to the letter from Belgium. Their new album "Act Like You Care" is therefore characterized by its sky-high intensity levels and its in-your-face vocal expression that finds itself somewhere right in between the melodic shout of Chris Hannah from Propagandhi and the uncompromising yell of Troels from Mighty Midgets. So yeah, you can pretty much expect aggressive tempo, plenty of technical passages and all the stuff directly from the Propagandhi playbook.

But where Propagandhi tend to deviate their expression from lightning speed melodic hardcore to slower and more intricate structures, The Ignored largely follow the same idea as Mighty Midgets: the songs are fast, faster and incredibly fast. That serves as both a benefit and hinderance to the album. On the plus side, it ensures there's plenty of going on the whole time, with relentlessly fast tempo and technical guitars on the spotlight, drawing comparisons to other similar bands like Templeton Pek, and occasionally also the skate punk/melodic hardcore hybrid of Australia's Wiseheimer. But it also makes the songs sound extremely unvaried over the long run. "The Mark Of Judas" and "The Day He Felt Superior" are both excellent tracks that manage a good balance between aggression and catchy while providing some excellent lyricism, but they are sandwiched in between songs that sound anonymous in comparison.

In some places, the songs on "Act Like You Care" certainly could have benefitted from another approach than "guys lets just smash through the songs as fast as we can so we can go drink some beers". Plenty of passages offer catchy and memorable sequences, but because of the insane tempo, they often feel rushed and deprived of their full potential. It's a decent album, but falls regrettably short from the best bands in the genre.

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For the fans of: Propagandhi, Mighty Midgets, Templeton Pek, Wiseheimer
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5FeetUnder Records
Release date 01.11.2010

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