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I Want Nothing EP

Written by: PP on 08/05/2012 21:01:12

Though they are not directly associated with 'the wave' bands like Touché Amoré, La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater, The Saddest Landscape (etc), My Fictions from Massachusetts have certainly been listening to records by at least some of the aforementioned prior to recording their five track debut EP "I Want Nothing" based on how it sounds like. Especially Touché Amoré and Defeater are being channelled through their vocalist, whose tormented screams are heartbreaking to listen to; the raw and unadulterated passion and honesty found in them is quite something to experience.

Musically, the band draws from the usual atmospheric post-hardcore that sets them far apart from the Rise Records roster and closer to the roots of the punk and hardcore movements. The guitars resonate and vibrate with melancholic, gloomy distortion, with especially "Fortune Teller" throwing waves of layered melodies at the listener to provide a sufficient backdrop for the excellent wails of their vocalist to make this the highlight track of the EP.

There are moments where My Fictions sound truly great, where one is inclined to believe they have chances of becoming the next talked about act within the wave community, but they still need more tracks in the vein of "Fortune Teller" and "Same Grave" that carry the urgency and immediacy of the movement proudly like a torch in the darkness that is today's saturated music industry. My guess? My Fictions will make it out of their local scene fairly soon, if they haven't done that already.

Download: Same Grave, Fortune Teller
For the fans of: Touché Amoré, Defeater, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape
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Release date 25.10.2011
Flannel Gurl Records

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