The Stereo State

Crossing Canyons EP

Written by: PP on 26/02/2013 23:51:06

For some reason bands inspired by Hot Water Music share more in common with the Gainesville legends than just the gravelly melodic punk sound; consistency is a given whenever you start going through their back catalogue. The Stereo State's latest EP "Crossing Canyons" is yet another exhibit in a long line of examples where a band seems to be able to do no wrong when using HWM as main inspiration, and it builds on the success of their 2011 debut album "Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?", while simplifying their sound somewhat in the process.

Previously, the band's taken on emotionally charged melodic punk took a strong leaning in indie-flavored, nostalgia-driven punk rock. The latter is still here in large doses, but the indie part has been ironed out in favor of a soundscape drenched in honesty and passion, drawing cues from the likes of Nothington and Samiam whenever possible. It was arguably that already on their debut album, but there were a lot more dreamy moments, where here they've taken a more direct approach with unforgettable choruses on especially "American Bones" and "Across The Susquehanna".

Their vocalist has that raw, yet charismatic delivery that wins hearts on first listen, and when the instrumentation relies on subtle, non-abrasive melodies and solid riffs throughout, it's hard to not like what you're hearing. Yes, we've heard this HWM-inspired, nostalgia-driven punk sound a ridiculous amount of times in the past, but it's a timeless sound that doesn't get old, as long as bands continue to play with as much heartfelt emotion and honesty as The Stereo State. A criminally underrated gem from 2012.


Download: Across The Susquehanna, American Bones
For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Nothington, Samiam
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Release date 23.10.2012
Creator-Destructor Records

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