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Infected By Your Stupidity EP

Written by: PP on 13/05/2013 20:47:55

Restoring Kaos is a Copenhagen based metal band of the deathcore variety, who were previously known as The Columbian Necktie. It was moniker under which they released a self-titled EP two years ago, an underproduced demo that wasn't exactly something to write home about. Not much has changed then for their next EP "Infected By Your Stupidity", which basically offers another five tracks of deathcore in demo-like quality both in terms of its production and its songwriting.

Given that Chelsea Grin reads among their influences, a good amount of senseless chug-chug is to be expected within their sound, but that isn't even the primary problem with this EP or this band in general. "Amnesia" is symptomatic track of the problem we saw with many a Danish metal band a few years ago, unnecessarily trying to be as heavy and brutal as possible with little attention paid to songwriting, so in the end you just have a heavy song that really goes nowhere in the end. The vocals range from screams to guttural growls and horrendous gargles during slowed down say they need serious improvement still would be an understatement of sorts, because even when they aren't ridiculously lo-fi and scraping the bottom end of human-audible vocal ranges, they come across as lacking in character and bland.

There are occasional moments where the band pauses their deathcore pounding and injects some ambient stuff to their sound, particularly towards the end of "Apathy". This is the first moment where I'm genuinely thinking this band might be able to pull themselves out of the generic deathcore mould and offer something more interesting. It's definitely something the band should explore to a great length, even if they choose to keep their heavy chug-chug style otherwise. Contrasting brutal with ambient is always a winner and makes the heavy stuff sound much better. "Rendezvous In The Back Alley" is likewise decent with hints of melody found within its groovy riffs, but it's not enough to convince me why I should pop this record on instead of a solid deathcore band. "Infected By Your Stupidity" is therefore still very much a work-in-progress type of a record.

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Release date 22.10.2012

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