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Every music fan has their favorite bands – their heroes. As a teenager digging through the endless depths of metal music, I found bands like Slayer, Pantera and Testament to be the ones that I look up to. Checking out this next band, I found some overall similarity with one of my other inspirations — the almighty Death. As a positive surprise, I discovered that the release about to be presented truly follows the line of bands comprising of virtuous instrumentalists.

Without further ado, I give you Chosen – an irish duo with the taste for fast metal with surgical precision. David McCann(drums, percussion) and Paul Schields (vocals, guitars) are the two 'chosen' components which interact on a higher level. Their (instru)mental bond has produced numerous EPs which are followed by the topic of this review – the full length release entitled "Resolution". A fitting name to this hard pounding and truly impressive musical experience.

Right of the bat Chosen decide to switch directly to the last gear they have on their death machine. "Engine of Belief" has that modern 'Gojira' sound that every metal fan aware of the present scene will surely recognize. Gurgling guitar chops that Meshuggah have introduced to the world can also be heard in the overall mix of madness called "Defective Prospection". Something that the duo should definitely take pride of is the ability to make a logical transition from furious machine gun double-bass sections to tender acoustic guitar pars back and forth. Looking into the vocal section a little bit closer I can see a great resemblance to the work of the genius that is Chuck Schuldiner. The hissing screams, the deep growls that Randy Blythe has spat out countless times, combined with the airy Devin Townsend clean parts fill in the spectrum smartly.

"Resolution" brings fans of technical metal music something to cheer about. There are many nuances of musicianship that lurk around the whole record. They will satisfy your taste for the nifty drum work and flawless guitar chops. Satisfaction is a long lasting sensation here, trust me!


Download: Engine of Belief, The Narcissism Epidemic, The Departure Lounge
For The Fans Of: Death, Meshuggah, Gojira, Cynic, Nevermore
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Release Date 30.03.2013
Chosen Music Records

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