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Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road EP

Written by: PP on 03/09/2013 23:08:42

Nobody, Ever are a tiny original emo band from Leicester, UK, with just under 200 fans on their Facebook page. That's odd, because both their debut EP "Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road" and its follow-up EP (to be reviewed soon) are quite a bit more interesting than your standard fare release in this genre. Basically, if I were to describe the four tracks here in one sentence, I'd go with if Hot Water Music played original emo instead, this is exactly how they'd sound like.

Most of that reference can be attributed to their vocalist, who sings with a rawer and more honesty/passion driven voice than the silky-soft sparkly types you usually tend to associate with the emo revival in the 2010s. When the music has an upbeat tempo at the same time, we can really start talking about whether Nobody, Ever really are a punk rock band with considerable emo undertones, or an emo band with punk rock overtones. Either way, the strained vocal work on "Everyone, Always" is charismatic and captures your attention immediately, as it comes across stronger than many of their contemporaries. Dowsing references are aplenty as well, given the emotional charge attached to the singing, as well as the higher pitch guitar riffs that ring on the background. Solid bass lines make their mark on the soundscape as well.

"Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road" isn't the most original release out there, yet it is impressive in the way it blends together two different genres so seamlessly in the middle. If this is how the debut sounds like, they have a solid future ahead of them. Keep an eye on these guys.


Download: On A July Sunday; Everyone, Always
For the fans of: Dowsing, The Get Up Kids meet Hot Water Music
Listen: Facebook

Release date 12.03.2013

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